For the talent

  • We look for Design Talent interested in exploring and practicing 3D design within real projects at established brands. We do not look at years of experience - motivation and openness are the key.

  • Knowledge of apparel product development is important. It helps to easier understand the 3D design principles which stem from the foundation of apparel making.

  • First step is applying via our website to be later contacted by us and have an introductory call.

  • If the wish to continue is there - we schedule couple of more calls with the STITCH team members to discuss more details and treat it as an interview process.

  • Upon the positive feedback from both sides we can do the paper work and plan the on-boarding.

  • Paper work includes signing the freelance agreement where we can discuss the capacity (how many days a week) and the compensation rates.

  • On-boarding includes

    • Get to know STITCH team and understand our values and goals of how we work with clients

    • Get trained by STITCH Academy on 3D design skills which the participant might miss or need sharpening Get on-boarded on the brands best practices and quality for 3D design work

    • Laptop and suite of needed applications is provided by STITCH

  • After on-boarding is done, 3D Leads from STITCH will plan the workload with the STITCH Accelerator members

  • STITCH Accelerator member will be exposed to the projects from the brands and start working on those as a highly skilled 3D design talent.

  • STITCH team will always support and assist and make sure Accelerator member is a part of STITCH group.



For the brands


  • Brands who are stepping into 3D or exploring what this could mean can contact STITCH Accelerator program to find out if there is capacity among the members to do 3D design work for them.

  • STITCH Transformation team will check with the brand on their plans and goals for 3D. Suggest the approach and the roadmap on how the brand can transform to more digital product development workflow.

  • If there is a mutual agreement and wish to carry on - STITCH Transformation will discuss the scope and sign a service level agreement with the brand.

  • STITCH Transformation will assign a 3D Leads to manage the brand transformation and planning the design work.

  • After scoping with the brand what could be first steps in 3D - this design work will be exposed to the STITCH Accelerator pool of talent.

  • Brand will get an instant 3D design support within it's organisation with full support by the STITCH Transformation team and it's applications.

  • STITCH Transformation will guarantee to the brand the quality and manage proper roadmap and expectations.

  • STITCH Transformation would guide the brand how to gradually grow it's own experience and adopt 3D and eventually use 3D design on it's own.





  • STITCH identified the Accelerator program as a strategic pillar of the STITCH offering to thee fashion industry going through product design & development digital transformation.

  • Accelerator program creates an amazing opportunity for STITCH to clearly define and support brands on the full end to end value-chain of digital product development.

  • STITCH acts as a connector between the growing 3D design talent pool and brands who due to their lean and fast paced operations are cautious of making drastic steps and want to explore and try 3D design under the guaranteed safety.

  • One of the big goals at STITCH is talent exposure to the industry and growing it's talent network. STITCH wants to be an open advocate of the benefits of 3D design and support the talent which is ready to embrace it.

  • STITCH develops applications, workflows and solutions which STITCH Accelerator talent can use and apply at the brand for the most efficiency and help us improve those tools.





  • Our current major client if PVH Europe with both of it's biggest brands - Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. We have several Accelerator program participants working with these brands and helping with 3D design work.

  • Our current focus stays with PVH through 2020. We are exploring what could be the possibilities for working with more brands starting from the mid 2020 onwards.

  • If you wish to apply to be a part of the STITCH Accelerator program - please do so via our website: As a brand you can also contact us via the website or reaching out to: